Nano Puff Vest (Birch White)

Nano Puff Vest (Birch White)

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Have you ever wanted to wear your favorite sleeping back out around town? The Patagonia Women's Birch White Nano Puff Vest is just about as close to that as you can get without turning heads for the wrong reasons. These personalized puffer vests utilize 100% recycled polyester PrimaLoft insulation to pack tons of warmth into a lightweight packable vest. On top of that, the outer shell of these white vests is made from weather-resistant fabric that staves off water and wind, but still breathes when you're working.

Patagonia has recently decided not to allow any additional custom logos to be added to their clothing and apparel in an effort to reduce clothing waste and help save the planet. As people move to different companies, often the logo branded clothing they've received ends up in the back of a closet or thrown away even if still in perfect condition.

But custom Patagonia gifts aren't completely gone! With Merchology's custom packaging and gift box options showcasing your company logo and name, employees and clients will know just who to thank for their favorite custom gift.

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