Daytona Blaze (White/Sapphire/Foxglove)
Daytona Blaze (White/Sapphire/Foxglove)

Daytona Blaze (White/Sapphire/Foxglove)

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Combine a vintage inspired jogger with a standout colour palette of muted silver, sapphire and foxglove and you have the all new Daytona Blaze sneaker for women.  This reimagined version of Gola’s back catalogue style Daytona features an oversized EVA midsole to give an authentic nod to Gola’s genuine heritage roots.  Its distinctive colour pops give this unisex silhouette a feminine edge that can be dressed up or down.

• Striking colour pops
• ‘90s retro jogger
• Women’s lace up sneaker
• Ladies’ sneakers
• EVA midsole